WestVanRoseBowl16So practising really does pay off !  Well done !  I know Lynn Coules, our intrepid convenor, made an admirable effort to send more points our way and today for a few magical moments we thought we’d won, but the real scores were still very impressive.

A huge thank you to the greens volunteers for giving us such a great surface to play on, to the bowling gods, for fantastic weather, to Sharon Lampman, my own personal shopper without whom I would never contemplate the catering!  Thank you to everyone who helped set up on

Wednesday evening, and to Tim for donating a lovely new water container.   We may have gone out today, but we went out in style!

Thank you to Christine McNish for our inspirational poem, to Jean Beck for selling the paper bag draw tickets and to Lynn Coules and Shirley Fraser for soliciting the gifts. Thank you to Don Beck, Derek Seddon, Keith Goddard, Brian Jeon and Ken Smith for being our handsome servers, and to everyone who came out to cheer us all on!

Most of all I really enjoyed seeing our team members practising on Tuesday evenings.  Thank you to Tim and Geoff for starting us off and to Tim for being available if needed.  Lets keep going !  It feels good to be part of a team pulling together and practice really does make perfect, so ONE DAY we will play our socks off and get that Rosebowl back where it belongs !

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