A Tribute to Don Beck

By now most of us have seen Don Beck’s obituary in the paper.  I am writing this tribute to a man who has been a member of WVLBC, a faithful friend to our members, and an ambassador for the sport.  It’s a chance to share stories about Don that some will remember fondly, and others will be hearing for the first time.

So, let’s start with the easy ones:

Don, David Fairweather (deceased) and Derek Seddon played in the Vancouver & District (V&D) Monday League for years, winning more than they lost, and putting West Vancouver on the table as a team to beat!

Don was, to the best of my knowledge, one of West Vancouver’s longest standing nationally certified umpires, often in demand throughout the V&D, partly because of his meticulous measuring and his always genial manner.

Don worked for years on the Wednesday “Greens and Grounds” group.  Rain or shine, greens needed to be cut, surrounds needed to be trimmed, and repairs needed to be made.  The fellowship between that group, evolving over the years, was amazing.

Don did so many “little things” (those of you who do those things know how they add up!):  locker rentals, shed clean up, a billion Board meetings . . .  He was on the Board in many capacities, from House to President and everything in between. As a result, Don was awarded a life membership which he so richly deserved.

Here’s a story that Don hasn’t been able to tell so much in the past few years because of his memory problems, but a story that he made sure all new bowlers heard when he was in his prime.  Don, and several other great members, worked their buns off to make our great new clubhouse and greens possible. As part of the planning/building/ construction process, Don worked together with the Lions Club with whom we share our building.  Because of that open co-operative relationship, the Lions Club contributed $82,000 to our building and continue to be our closest and best neighbours.  When we have access to our Club again, I will set up a photo display honouring the hard work of these Members.

Wow, were we lucky to have had him in our club!!

Submitted by Myrle Lawrence


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