aaaaPub1What a lot of laughter!  West Van LBC first Pub Night of the season was full of good cheer!

Thanks to the brave Call my Bluff teams – we uncovered who amongst us is good at bluffing, that John Copping needs to get better at lying(!) and that the men’s team, Tim Mason, John Copping and Derek Seddon are just a little more canny than the lovely savvy ladies,

Myrle Lawrence, Sydney Hope and Marilyn Rich !  Huge thanks go to Stephen and Sharon Lampman for aaaapub2the rewarding Bingo – great prizes, great caller – thank you !

Thanks to Mary Kempton for selling the tickets, Susan Lewis for all her kitchen support, the clean-up crew who just appear and just do what is needed.

It was lovely to see Mary Matzhold and Zita Lakes bringing guests with them. You have done a great job to try and recruit new Club members, so well done on your efforts.


  • Semi-AGM – Saturday April 18
  • Members Opening Day – Saturday April 25aaapub3
  • Community Open House – Saturday May 9 (members bring all your friends, family).

Congrats to all that attended as it was a fantastic evening with the members.

Thanks again to Sue Hall for organizing another great event!

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