This year’s Awards Day celebration is set for Sunday Sept 16th and it will be a special one as we have members of the Canadian National Team as our guests for the day. The event will include a draw where members will get the opportunity to play with our countries finest, followed by a meet and great. Our awards ceremony will take place giving out this years trophies and awards to the club Champions of 2012. We have scheduled is a catered dinner as we will be serving a special Greek menu, to celebrate our fantastic year of membership growth, camaraderie and fun that everyone will love.

As an added bonus we will be hosting people from around the city to come out and watch our Team Canada members out on the greens as they will show off their skills at 7:00pm with exhibition matches. This is a great opportunity for everyone to understand how the game can be brought to another level.

We look forward to a special day and hope that everyone will be out to join us.

Awards Day Schedule:

Member Bowling: 1:00 Draw – play at 1:30pm
Drinks & Awards: 4:00pm – 5:15pm
Dinner: 5:15pm
Team Canada: 7:00pm

Feel free to invite any friends or family members to come and watch Team Canada perform at 7:00pm as this is a great way to share the sport that we all love.

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