So sad, no more outdoor bowling till April 2018, and hopefully the rain will not delay us next year!

We had a beautiful afternoon of sunshine, even when it rained …!  and some fun bowling. I hear more Irish bowls are requested; it was so worth it to see Pat Chapman with a jack in her hand, and a frustrated Jim Duholke promising never to play Irish bowls again. Smoke and Bones provided a really excellent BBQ dinner for us.

Thanks to Myrle’s exceptional soliciting skills, Pacific Spirit very generously, again, provided prize money for all of our club competitions and we recognized some of our outstanding volunteers with our very own Daisy Awards.  We were able to see the new awards board and Drew Wells and Flo Chang were kind enough to take photos to record the day for us.  I have never seen such an efficient, speedy clear up, making way for Malkins to clean our carpets the next day in readiness for our indoor season.

See you all at the AGM on Saturday, October 21st and a happy indoor season to you all.

Sue Hall – West Vancouver LBC

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