Congratulations to Jim Duholke the new Provincial Silver Medalist in the Men’s Singles (first photo)!  Jim is going to Regina for the Nationals in August (trying on his BC shirt – second photo)!  He had some very close, long games, so tons of congratulations go to him and here’s hoping he has enough energy left for BC Week!


In BC Week (our members bolded):

The women are playing at West Point Grey:

Pairs:   Myrle Lawrence plays with Belle Chan; Olivia Jeon plays with Sue Hall

Triples on Wednesday:  Myrle Lawrence, Belle Chan, Marg Mitchell; Janice Mackay-Smith, Pat Semeniuk, Sue HallAlice Wong, Shella Holt, Wendy Hui; Lynne Coules, Grethe Jensen, Denece Morris

Fours:  Alice Wong, Shella Holt, Wendy Hui, Winnie Yuen; Grethe Jensen, Dorothy Higa, Pat Semeniuk, Janice Mackay-Smith

The men are playing at Granville Park:

Pairs:  Jack Wright, Stuart McDougallJim Duholke, Gary BriseboisBrian Jeon, Peter Cheong

Aussie Pairs:  Brian Jeon, Steven Hsieh

Triples:  Jim Duholke, Neil Wilson, Gary Brisebois

Good Luck everyone, and stay cool!

Sue Hall

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