4stepstoSuccessA great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Lawn Bowling. Next Saturday at the Pacific Indoor: The first 2016 session of the Four Steps to Success program in being held at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club Saturday January 23rd. Come and participate and learn some skills at the indoor and new ways of training and thinking about the game we all love to play! Run by long time Bowler and Coach Stephen Forrest, whom has put a great program together to educate more players on the skill development!

The foundation theory in the 4 Steps to Success in Lawn Bowls is used in nearly every sports training system throughout the World. Strategic decision- making with Goal- setting, Structured Practice, mental skills training and fitness training are now the acknowledged framework to successful athletic programs. These books are written to contribute to the successful application of this approach to the sport of Lawn Bowls.

Come on down for a great day!

Contact: Steven Santana – steven.santana@bowlsbc.com

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