Image (7)You truly never know what you are going to come across when you are involved in Lawn Bowling. The other day I received an email from Bill Murray who grew up in West Van and now lives in North Vancouver, letting me know that his Grandfather Dave Lowdon was a member of the Club in the 1950’s – 70’s and if we would be interested in having some memorabilia from the past that were part of the Clubs History.

Some of the artifacts were the Jenkins Trophy from 1968, BC Championships Medals, Pins from various Clubs, Old Henselite measurers and an old pocket score keeper and this great article on Mr. Lowdon. Looking through our records I was happy to learn that Mr. Dave Lowdon was a proud Life Member of the West Van LBC for over 20 years. Not only was he a member but a Champion on the Green’s, having won multiple tournaments along with having BC Championships attached to his name. We were lucky enough today to have Bill Murray his Grandson come to the West Van LBC to share some memories of the past. Having lived in the area his whole life we were fortunate enough to learn that he would travel through the Club area to the Movies with his Pals, play in the playground that was located where the top green is now, and of course sit and watch his Grandfather
play on the greens with his friends.

I only hope that Bill will take my invitation to come and join us as he can relive his childhood memories once again, only this time he will hopefully be the one on the greens!


The Jenkinson Trophy – 1968


Bill Murray dropped for Men’s Day



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