Another fabulous Canada Day – how do we always get so lucky with the weather?

There was the club photo, the spider with a gift generously donated by Flo Chang for the one nearest the jack, the 12 ends of regular bowling and two ends of Irish bowls (the jack gets thrown last). Yet again… the Rest of the World beat Canada; not that polite when you know Canada very kindly let us in!

Henry’s BBQ cooked another delicious chicken barbeque for us.  The lemon cake I ordered turned out to be chocolate (?!) so that was tough to handle, and then many hands made for a great clear up.  Thank you to our intrepid ticket seller Jan Currie, to Grethe, Roger and Flo for convening, for all the setup crew – Gerry, Ken, Trent and Lise, and all the clear up crew – Mary K, Dorothy, Flo, Joan Duguid, Kathy and Duncan.

Sue Hall

            IMG_4874 (1)http://Video of spider

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