The weather was perfect!  The fellowship was great!  The volunteers were amazing!  And The World won . . . again.  Never mind, it was all in good fun and we had a delicious dinner.

If I try to name each fantastic volunteer I’ll miss several, so this time, at the risk of being impeached, these are the people who I think are deserving of special mention.


  1.  David Charbonneau – a novice bowler who came early, helped set up the greens and had fun.
  2. Elly Boshell – who planned and carried out the beautiful decoration of the clubhouse.
  3. Jeanette Keller – who managed the whole event with her great group of volunteers.

Myrle Lawrence

And in case you were wondering . . .

42 members bowled in Canada Against The World with The World winning with four wins, three losses and 96 total points.  Canada had three wins, fours losses and 63 points.

We also had our annual spider, which was won by Monica Thoreson.  Our thanks to the thoughtful, anonymous person who donated the prize.


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