What a great 149th birthday party for Canada!  It was so good to have Dave and Bev Fairweather with us to celebrate this year, seeing as Dave is only 52 years short of Canada!  So many thank you’s to hand out!  Firstly to the weather – just perfect for Canada playing the Rest of the World and an outside BBQ!  Our opening spider was won by a new member, Arlene King; Ellie Boshell won the best outfit depicting her country of origin, Mary Matzhold’s practicing paid off – being the nearest the jack, and Waldo Zappa’s world travelling paid off for the man nearest the jack.  The Rest of the World trounced Canada – which sort of follows, because there were more of them, and some of the Rest of the World had to play for Canada..?  Regardless of the score, we are all so grateful to be lawn bowling at one of the best venues, in one of the best cities, in one of the best countries in the world.ClubCanadaDay16

Thank you to Jean Beck for her relentless ticket selling.  Thank you to Shirley Fraser and her set up team on Thursday evening, Gerry, Ken Joan, Moraig; thank you to Helen Smyth and Radka Barova for our photographs; thank you to Mary M and Mary K for selling the 50:50 tickets, thank you to Lynn for the lovely poem, and Derek Seddon and Don Beck for leading our ‘Oh Canada’; to Myrle Lawrence for running the nearest the jack competition, to Jennifer Duholke for distributing our very smart new T shirts (modelled by Brian and Olivia Jeon); to Rod Douglas and his excellent chicken BBQ (must remember doggy bags for next year).  A huge thank you to our servers, Joan Leslie, Ellie Boshell and Olivia Jeon and to the clean up crew, Flo Chan, Olivia Jeon, Jeanette Keller and Susan Lewis who seamlessly restore us to normality.   It was a very Happy Canada Day !

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