Another busy week – first the results from Grethe Jensen:

July 15 Short Jack Tournament –

1st – Pat Chapman/Don McGregor

2nd – Jim Duholke/Jack Wright

3rd –  Gordon Maynard/Gordon and Christine McNish

 Next week is BC week – Ladies are playing at North Vancouver, and the Men are at Granville Park.

Ladies Pairs are Monday/Tuesday (Pat Chapman, Sue Hall, Lynne Coules, Myrle Lawrence are playing) Ladies Triples Wednesday (Pat Chapman, Grethe Jensen, Sue Hall, Myrle Lawrence, Lynne Coules, Olivia Jeon) and Ladies Fours Thursday/Friday (Grethe Jensen, Janice Mackay-Smith, Pat Semeniuk, Dorothy Higa).

Mens Pairs Monday/Tuesday – Jim Duholke, Gary Brisebois, Mens Triples Thursday/Friday – Werner Fladl, Jim Duholke, Gary Brisebois).

If I have missed anyone I sincerely apologise … but the general message is all supporters welcome ! We have the normal Thursday Evening Pairs League –  and the Friday BBQ – please sign up in plenty of time – thank you.

 Next Saturday, July 22 is the Mason and Friends Charity Classic in aid of the YMCA.  This is the 10th Anniversary of the Classic which has raised thousands of dollars to send children on summer camps – a great event and a great achievement.

 Next Sunday, July 23 is the Club Ladies Triples and Mens Triples Club Championship – please sign up as soon as possible.  Teams are drawn, and fun will follow.

 The Mens Club Singles Championship and the Ladies Club Singles Championship is also underway.  If anyone would like to volunteer to mark they would be gratefully received by the competitors.

 Lynn Coules is also off to Vancouver Island to take part in ….

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