Geoff2With the start to the new season we have seen huge numbers coming out to the Coaching and it is making a great night mid way through the week. New and existing members have been attending Geoff Pershick’s Coaching classes and learning everything from the basics to best ways to practice out on the greens.

This is a great time for our current members to come on out and enjoy some fun and bowls with our new members as it is helping encourage and integrate our club right from the get go. This happens every Wed night at 7:00pm so come on out and have a bit of fun as we can always use an extra roll up and find out a bit more about the game.

One thought on “Coaching Continues Every Wed Night 7:00pm

  1. Hi West bowl,

    Love what you are doing for the community. Wondering if there is an age limit for tournament play. Please advise.



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