shirley1It was a great week of Bowls for Shirley Fraser as she embarked on her first Singles tournament participating in the V&D Novice Singles Championships held at NVLBC. After 4 games Shirley found herself in the A section with three other women finishing in third place. In the knockout round she had to play the #2 ranked player and lost a close one 15-13 in a game that came down to a measure.

We would like to congratulate Shirley for representing the club and doing so great out there in her first competition! What a fantastic job with more to come in her future!

One thought on “Fraser Makes Final Four!

  1. The novice bowlers were amazing. It’s nerve-wracking having spectators, and probably not having played singles before. Congratulations to all of the novices for entering, for playing so well, and of course to Shirley for getting to the last night.

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