Sparksimage008It was a great night out Wednesday night as the West Van LBC hosted the Sparks & Brownies to a night of Bowls and Fun. The crew consisted of 34 girls that were out rolling bowls and having a blast on the greens. They learned about how the bowl rolls, the object of the sport and how much fun it is to play.

A special thanks to Trent, Lise, Grethe, Flo, Gerry, Jeanette, Moraig and Sue who all were out to help instruct and enjoy the sunshine that the Sparks and Brownies brought with them. Lawn bowling, snack and crafts… all lots of fun.

sparksimage020This is another great example of our Club working with the Community organizations to show them what the West Van LBC has to offer. In past years our Club has had the Scouts of Canada on the greens with the Beavers and Cubs enjoying lawn bowling for the past 4 years. It’s fantastic that the Girl Guides have now joined our list of new bowlers.



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