Happy New Year to you all !

To all of you who came to the indoor bowling on January 1, yes, we did change it up a little, and yes we asked you to forego the traditional re-gifting in favour of giving to those not so fortunate, and we thank you for being able to make that change.  We have noted that you would have liked more of an event, so will keep that in mind for next year !  A particular thank you to Lynn Coules who was able to step in at short notice for Sue and I, very much appreciated, and to everyone who lent a hand.


Here is the email Sue received from Sally Livingstone of Spectrum:

Thank you so much for dropping off such great gifts for our Spectrum families.  I was able to put together hampers for three families and will deliver them this week.  Connections with the community are so important as we seek to make a difference in the lives of families on the North Shore and we really appreciate your interest and contribution to our work.  One mother recently told me that the help that Spectrum gave when she was in crisis was life saving but the ongoing friendship that she has with her caregiver is life changing.

I have added you to our email list to receive information and updates and thank you again.

We are now planning our next social event, the Valentine’s Brunch, which we will hold on Saturday February 13.

So keep the date, and we will send more details asap.

Here’s to a very wonderful year,

Your Social Team!

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