How to Play the Indoor Game

The indoor game is very similar to the outdoor game except it is played on a carpet instead of grass and each rink is much shorter than outside. The rinks nevertheless meet the requirements laid out in the rule book for Short Mat Bowling.

The seven indoor rinks allow club members to play all winter in addition to the summer months. The game is organized in exactly the same manner as the outdoor game insofar as the team make-up and the order of play is concerned. However the skill requirements are totally different as a result of the shorter rink length and the
different playing surface.

To add variety, each of the seven rinks vary from each other in having slightly different types of carpet which requires variation in the ‘WEIGHT’ (ie speed of bowl delivery) so as to reach and not pass the jack. Consequently the indoor game presents just as much challenge as the outdoor game and demands the same judgment of the
best tactics and strategies.

One difference in the indoor game is that when indoors, a short barrier is centrally placed half way down the rink to prevent bowlers making a fast take-out shot straight down the middle. This forces bowlers to make a wider delivery, thus requiring a greater curvature for the trajectory of the bowl in order to reach the centrally placed jack. This in turn requires a slower delivery as the bias of the bowl causes greater curvature when the speed of delivery is

How To Get Involved

It’s easy to get involved in the sport of lawn bowling. Drop in any Sunday between 1:00-3:00 to watch us bowl and give it a try.  You can talk to Sally, Bodie, or Don, or call Gail, our Membership Chair, at 778-980-7656.

Fun For Family & Friends!!

West Van LBC Challenges You To Play Bowls

West Van LBC has been a leader in growing the popularity and participation in Lawn Bowls across Canada for the past 5 years. We invite you to come to the club and see why the Sport is becoming more popular with all ages. The club is active 12 months of the year so there is never a bad time to Go Lawn Bowling!