Here we are in mid April with outdoor bowling yet to start and already the club has celebrated its second social event, thanks to our president Myrle Lawrence.  The theme this time was Italian Night, and a delicious meal of lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread was topped by scrumptious cookies baked by Steve Semeniuk, as well as ice cream and chocolate sauce.

As with Mexican Night, we followed up dinner with games.  Along with crokinole, rummoli and other assorted offerings, Gordon Maynard organized a game of charades, and two combating teams entertained everyone as they attempted to mime the titles of books, movies and songs.  I think everyone came out a winner in that one and many thanks to Gordon.

Our social nights would not happen without someone to be the organizing force, and we all thank Myrle for providing us with the company of friends coupled with good food and fun.  There were many others, of course, who pitched in in the kitchen, at the bar, with tables and chairs, etc. and our thanks is also extended to them.

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