This Thursday Nov 10th at 3:00pm there will be a celebration of our war veterans as local students will be placing Canada Flags and Poppies along the pathway and down to the cenotaph to hour our war hero’s. The Club will also be open for Tea/Coffee and snacks to the Public after the Remembrance Day parade on November 11th.

This was an article that was posted in the North Shore News on Sunday speak about the event and what will take place. Hollyburn elementary school students Alexandra and Sophia Scoles, assisted by Second World War veterans Jim Irvine and David Fairweather, plant flags on a pathway leading to the West Vancouver cenotaph.

A huge thank you to Joan Fraser, Sue Hall, Lynne Coules and Shirley Fraser for working hard to make this all possible. A special thanks to Cindy Goodman from the North Shore News for coming to take the photo and to Maria Spitale-leisk for writing the article.

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