V&DPairsA gorgeous day for the first short jack tournament of the outdoor season. As the saying goes it can’t get any closer – but really it could not have been any closer. The three top teams all had 6 points from 2 wins and 1 loss and the score differentials were plus 12, plus 11 and plus 10. In third place ($20) was Werner and Mary K, second place ($30) went to Derek and Gordon and in first place ($50) was Brian and Heather. Brian is leading the crop of second year bowlers and I would like to thank those members that sent in comments about our group of 2nd year bowlers at the club – due to space constraints I can only include a small sample here: “this group of 2nd year bowlers is the best I have seen in decades” and “in addition to being great looking with excellent personalities, I am confident that while they happen to be lawn bowlers, this group would excel at any sport they tried”.

Thanks to co-convenor Grethe and thanks to Myrle and Werner for organizing the set up the greens. Thanks also to Sue and Iona for their hard work in the kitchen – and Jennifer for the contribution of the “apricot gems” (and also for marrying me). A special thank you to Howie who had to get out of bed 2 hours earlier than he normally does on Saturday to fill in at the last minute for a bowler who did not show up (the convenors’ code prohibits me from naming this individual).

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Duholke (2nd year bowler)

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