WVLBCshortjackThis Sat saw the monthly Short Jack tournament take place down at the the club and it was a great day for the teams participating. As always Don Fraser did a great job in organizing the tournament.

Results on the day:

Eileen Beck & Eric Thomas (2nd year bowler)     1st place
Werner Schoth & Joan Leslie                                    2nd place
Dave Fairweather & Grethe Jensen                        3rd place

Huge congratulations to Eileen Beck and Eric Thomas who came away with the win. Great job everyone in participating in the tournament.

2 thoughts on “Eileen Beck & Eric Thomas Win Short Jack Tournament…

  1. Christine Garbett on said:

    Hi. A question from Florida please. I am always looking for different formats for our tournaments and saw you Short Jack one. This looks very good. Could you explain for me how you set the jack. Is it always with the mat at regulation distance from the ditch and jack then at 21 meters. Therefore the mat never moves? Or can you move the mat and then use the long tape to measure??? Please let me know how you work this. Thanks Christine

    • Jennifer Duholke on said:

      Hi Christine, I’ve sent this out to our games person for her response. She’ll get back to you.

      Regards, WVLBC

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