The sun shone on yet another opening day for our membership on Sunday, April 28th and we were grateful.

Members arrived early to take advantage of the good weather, catch up with friends and because they were itching to get back to outdoor bowls!  It was a good turnout with 64 people in attendance, and we squeezed as many as we could into a group photo.

Before the first draw of the season got underway, we had a spider which is always a lot of fun.  As the greens were heavy and our outdoor arms out of practice, it was agreed ahead of time that jacks should be kept short.  With the game set at twelve ends, this saved some wear and tear on muscles.  Afterward, the reward was tea, coffee, goodies and more visiting.

As always, our thanks to John Copping and the greens’ crew, Myrle Lawrence and her kitchen crew and to everyone who came out to have fun.

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