Jim Duholke, Alice Wong, Tim Mason and Sue Hall all took part in the Men’s and Women’s Provincial Fours the weekend of June 23rd at North Vancouver.  We had all sorts of weather, from very cold to very hot, with a few attempts at a shower.

Each team played three games of 18 ends before the cut for the Quarter Finals and they were all close games.  Our West Vancouver players all got through to the Quarter Finals, with Tim and Sue making it to the Semi Finals and on Sunday, ended up in the Gold/Silver games.

It was fun to play the finals side by side – the men had a really tight nail-biting game – and both teams came through to win Gold.  I only remember the 15th end when Emma took us from two down in the head to three up in the ditch!

Provincial Fours Champions are now:

Men’s Fours: Hiren Bhartu, Derek Kaufman, Joe Hunt, Tim Mason

Women’s Fours: Emma Boyd, Cheryl Young, Lorraine Fredricksen, Sue Hall

We are all off to Regina in August for the Canadian Championships, and it still seems unreal.  All I can say, as encouragement, is that we are all looking forward to the nationals and I am living proof anything is possible in this sport, so anyone can achieve their goals if they put the time in 😊  Just go for whatever you wish for!

Sue Hall



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