Many, many thanks go to all the volunteers – event organizer Taka Crowston in particular – for their help at our Open House on July 11th. It felt like almost all of the members were there. 

This year we had fifty visitors and ten eventually joined the club.  Compared to the event two years ago, the number of visitors was much smaller, but given all that has happened in that time, that is not, perhaps, too surprising.  Another influencing factor may be that the European Championship soccer/football game was being played, and that may have kept some at home or the pub, glued to their sets.


Another reason maybe the absence of by-chance visitors. Two years ago, West Vancouver United Church held a flea market on the same day. There was a large crowd for that event. Some saw our Open House sign and dropped in. 


Lower numbers aside, it was a good turnout, and a good day. We were pleased to have West Vancouver mayor Mary-Ann Booth accept our invitation and she readily joined in the fun.  Apart from our own desire to increase our membership, we reminded the wider community that we are here, and are a group of interesting, energetic, welcoming people who happen to love to bowl and play croquet.






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