How to Play the Outdoor Game

The basics of the outdoor game of bowling are shown in the video below. It’s always great to get out on the greens to meet new people and try something new! Feel free to come down to the Club to give it a go!

Lawn Bowling 101

A game is played in a number of ends, usually between eight and 14, decided beforehand or as required by the competition being played. Every game can be played as singles, pairs (a team of two players), triples (a team of three players), or fours (a team of four players) and can either be mixed gender or a single gender depending on the competition being played.

Each team is made up of : The skip, the team captain, who is usually the most experienced player and who always delivers the last bowls for his team in addition to directing the play for the other members of his team. The lead, who  delivers the first bowl for his team. There are one or two other members when either triples or fours is being played. The game commences with the lead of the first team delivering the jack, a small white ball, down the rink, which is then centred and becomes the target for all the bowls of both teams. This same lead then delivers his first bowl, making due allowance in his aim for the bias of the bowl. Then the lead of the other team delivers his first bowl. Each lead, in turn, delivers each of his bowls, four in the case of a pairs’ game, three in the case of a triples’ game and two in the case of a fours’ game.

After the leads have delivered all their bowls, the next team members follow in turn in a similar sequence, ending with the skips of the two teams. The score is determined by which team has the closest bowl to the jack and multiple points are scored when more than one of this team’s bowls lie closer to the jack than the nearest of the other team’s bowls.

The game then recommences with the next end which is played from the opposite end of the rink than was used in the first end and continues in a similar sequence until all ends have been played. Each end can require very different strategies and tactics depending on the delivered length of the jack and the grouping of each teams’ bowls in relation to the jack. Sometimes your team is in the lead and the best tactic is to deliver a short bowl which can provide a guard for your counting bowls. Other times the other team is in the lead which demands that you either manage to get your own bowl closer to the jack than they are, or perhaps attempt to hit the other team’s scoring bowl, or the jack itself, in order to move them, or if all else fails, you might have to resort to a take-out shot which requires a fast delivered bowl intended to scatter all the bowls lying close to the jack.

A game can change character completely if the jack is moved out of its initial position,and provided that it remains inside the permissible playing surface of the rink, it presents a totally different target than before. This is what makes the game of bowls so interesting and exciting.

When it gets to the skip’s turn, the location and arrangement of bowls close to the jack, both those of his own team and those of the opposition, can require very accurate play in order to increase his score or minimize that of his opponents. This is where skill counts and this is why the most experienced players usually play in this position. Beginners usually start in the lead position. This is an abbreviated description of how the game is played. The finer points can best be learned by actually playing a game with an experienced player or coach.


How To Get Involved

It’s easy to get involved in the sport of lawn bowling. Drop in any Sunday between 1:00-3:00 to watch us bowl and give it a try.  You can talk to Sally, Bodie, or Don, or call Gail, our Membership Chair, at 778-980-7656.

Fun For Family & Friends!!

West Van LBC Challenges You To Play Bowls

West Van LBC has been a leader in growing the popularity and participation in Lawn Bowls across Canada for the past 5 years. We invite you to come to the club and see why the Sport is becoming more popular with all ages. The club is active 12 months of the year so there is never a bad time to Go Lawn Bowling!