Outdoor Bowls Weekly Schedule.

Names must be on draw table 15 minutes prior to times indicated below. This allows time to arrange the draw & start games promptly. Times indicated below are On the Greens Time.

Afternoon Leagues & All Table Draws

(Draw closes 1:00pm)

  • 1:30pm Monday – Women’s Day Table Draw
  • 1:30pm Tuesday – Men’s Day Table Draw (starts May 5)
  • 1:30pm Wednesday – Mixed Table Draw  (starts May 6)
  • 1:30pm Thursday – Mixed Table Draw
  • 1:30pm Friday – Mixed Table Draw  (May 7 to June 25)
  • 3:00pm Friday – Mixed Table Draw (starts July 3 to Aug 28) followed by BBQ at 5:30pm.
  • 1:30pm Saturday Mixed Table Draw
  • 1:30pm Sunday Mixed Table Draw

Evenings Mixed bowling

(Draw closes at 6:45 Games start at 7:00pm)

  • 7:00pm Thursday – Mixed Pairs – May

Short Jack Pairs

9:30 a.m. Three ten end games. Signup sheet posted each month in the Clubhouse.

How To Get Involved

It's easy to get involved in the sport of lawn bowling. All you have to do is come down to the club and say you want to give it a go! We have Open Bowls every Wednesday Night at 7:00pm starting May 11th. This includes instruction and coaching as volunteers are happy to help in anyway possible. Do something different as you never know what you are good at until you give a try!

Fun For Family & Friends!!

West Van LBC Challenges You To Play Bowls

West Van LBC has been a leader in growing the popularity and participation in Lawn Bowls across Canada for the past 5 years. We invite you to come to the club and see why the Sport is becoming more popular with all ages. The club is active 12 months of the year so there is never a bad time to Go Lawn Bowling!