Friday the 13th, and the sky was threatening . . . however, we were so lucky!  After setting up to bowl indoors, the sun shone and we played away on the outdoor rinks.

Pacific Spirit Investment Management Inc. is our corporate sponsor, and by way of thanks, we invited them to come to enjoy a day of bowls with us.  For PSIM there was a little bit of in-house rivalry, and they competed between themselves for, dare I say, a prized cup! It was the Gold versus the Perfect, and, if the name is any indication, it will come as no surprise that the Perfect team prevailed!

Along with the bowling there was our traditional WVLBC hospitality.  Pat Semeniuk and Bodie Samodien made vegetable and fruit trays, Myrle added some other appetizers, and a good time was had by all. We had 26 members come out to enjoy bowling and visiting with our guests of honour.
Pacific Spirit Investment Management has provided a great deal of financial support over the last four years, and yet at the end of this thank-you occasion, it was they who thanked us.  From Lenka Urbankova, the Chief Operating Officer:
“Thank you and our excellent bowling teachers for such a fun event.”
Myrle Lawrence

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