In preparation for hosting the BC Provincial Senior Triples’ Tournament, Howie Chapman, Drew Wells and Radka Barova cut the greens, Derek Seddon painted the benches, Pat Chapman and Sue Hall bought out Costco for the catering and prepped the night before, Jim Duholke readied himself for scorekeeping and convening, Maureen Seddon set up for selling meal tickets, and club president Myrle Lawrence (who also umpired) welcomed everyone to what turned out to be a fantastic event.

WVLBC had three teams entered:  John Copping, Stuart McDougall and Gordon Maynard;  Jack Wright, Howie Chapman and Brian Jeon; Grethe Jensen, Taka Crowston and Olivia Jeon. It was tough on the second day when our two West Vancouver men’s teams had to play each other.  John’s team and Grethe’s team made it to the quarter finals which is a huge achievement.  Grethe, Taka and Olivia are pictured ready to play the team which eventually won gold.  It was so good to see many existing friendships being renewed and many new friendships being formed.  The group photo shows most of the men who made it to the second day, and one photo shows Lynn Coules with her team which won silver!

As always there are some huge thank yous to be handed out.  For starters, to all the Wednesday Greens Crew who work with Howie to make the greens and surrounding areas the best they can be and to Roberta’s fabulous gardeners.  The amazing weather really helped our club to sparkle. More thank yous to Radka and Jack who keep the clubhouse spotless, to Pat who has lost count of how many fruit platters and breakfast plates she made up, not to mention potato salads, and to Jack for making the barbeque sauce.  Judging by the empty plates and the kind comments, the food was much appreciated.  Thank you also to Kathy Drake for helping out with the 50:50, filling water containers etc. and to all the helpers who set up the greens every morning, helped changed the equipment around and put it all away – Don McGregor, Waldo Zappa, Derek Seddon,  Bert Mason (Tim’s father).  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone!  It was a LOT of work, and it was very hot; you are truly valued and appreciated.

Sue Hall


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