On Friday, November 10th around 3pm children, parents and teachers from Hollyburn Elementary School piled in to put poppies and flags all over our lower green. It was a very heart warming sight.  They had so much fun; some made straight rows, some made little bunches, it was really cute.  Also, we were honoured to have several veterans attend from the Legion with Pat Morton their President as well as one of our members Jim Irvine, who had several children ask if they could have one of his medals.
On Saturday, November 11th, we opened our doors to families who had attended the service and wanted somewhere to socialize after the Remembrance Day ceremony.  Pat Chapman, Myrle Lawrence and Susan Lewis supplied coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cookies to well over 100 visitors.
Thank you to all our bakers, and a huge thank you once again to Joan Fraser, whose idea it was to ‘poppy’ our green.  It has been so worthwhile on so many level; what an excellent idea.
Jim Irvine sent this video of The Last Post being played on the violin. https://www.youtube.com/embed/NqHx1CDRQkc?rel=0  Enjoy!

Submitted by Sue Hall


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