July 14th was date of our mid-summer fundraiser, the brainchild of our hard working president Myrle Lawrence.  It was a perfect evening, with lots of sun and the company of not only our own members, but friends and family who joined together to enjoy good food, great music and to raise a little money.

The band played a fabulous selection of songs familiar to most if not all of us, and came thanks to friends of Myrle’s:  George Hamilton, John Mitchell and Rueben Gurr.  The donation of their time and talent was much appreciated.

There are so many thanks to go around, including the Lions for their yummy barbeque of hamburgers on brioche buns with all the fixings you could ask for.  From set up to take down, for food buying, preparation, and baking, for clean-up, for ticket sales, for bar tending, for event promotion and more tasks than I can name here, there are many, many people to thank.  I know that there were many more helpers than I am mentioning by name,  and I apologize for that.  Please know that everyone’s efforts were what made it the incredibly enjoyable and successful evening that it was.  Tip of the hat to Myrle, Pat S, Jeanette, Pat C, Cathy, Drew, Roberta and Steve S.

In the end over $1500 was raised; bravo everyone!



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