In the Rosebowl on Saturday our Ladies had 3 wins and 1 tie, plus a total of 104 points.  In the first match we had 1 win and 81 points – so a total of 4 wins, 1 tie and 185 points.

North Van Ladies in the first game had 6 wins, 130 points, and on Saturday 2 wins and 77 points – making their total 8 wins and 207 points. So we did good !  not brilliant but improving… one more match and we might have beaten them !

 In the Leyland on Saturday our Men had 2 wins and  132 points.  In their first match they had 2 wins and 124 points – so a total of 4 wins and 256 points. North Van Men in their first game had 4 wins and 155 points, and on Saturday had 5 wins and 143 points – so a total of 9 wins and 298 points.

So we all improved… we have them in our sights for next year !   Thank you to everyone who played and helped and supported us !

 PLEASE NOTE the Sign Up sheets for the Club Triples Championships, Men and Ladies, are up on the notice boards – Sunday July 23 !

If you can’t get there to sign up – contact Tony Boyd the Mens convenor ( – 604.926.1670) or Janice Mackay-Smith for the Ladies ( – 604.926.0991).

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