aaaaaaastriking-goldWest Van LBC member Steven Santana is representing Canada this week across town at the PIBC. The North American Challenge (NAC) is a bowls matchup between Canada and the United States of America. For 2016, the event will be held September 29 – October 1 at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club (PIBC). The NAC, first contested in 1995, is now held every two years with teams from Canada and the United States squaring off. The host site alternates between the two countries.

The NAC is played over a three-day period with two days of pre-event practice. Games are played each day with Pairs and Triples played first followed by Singles and Fours. Each country fields teams of 10 Women and 10 Men. Each team is designated into 2 squads of 5 Women and 5 Men, one Folkins and one Jarvis for each gender, a total of 4 squads per country. Each gender specific squad plays the 2 squads from the opposing country. The better finishing squads of each country then play in the 3rd round of their discipline, and the other squads face each other.

There are seven trophies to be claimed as follows: Men’s Folkins Team, Women’s Folkins Team, Men’s Jarvis Team, Women’s Jarvis Team, Combined (Men & Women) Folkins Team, Combined (Men & Women) Jarvis Team and Best Overall Team.

Tournament Schedule & Results: 2016 North American Challenge Schedule

Team Canada & Team USA Rosters:

Watch The NAC Live:

Best of luck Stevie from all the members at the WVLBC!!!!

Steven Santana (West Vancouver LBC) Is no stranger to the North American Challenge as he last played in the 2014 addition in Victoria, BC taking home the NAC title.  Santana will be looking to build off a Gold Medal at the 2015 Asia Pacific Championships. Also selected to play at World Bowls he will use this to ready himself for the upcoming Championships at the end of November. Steven’s Profile

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