Sue Hall – West Van LBC

It was a great week of bowling as it took three nights and many games to get to the finals of the V&D Sophomore Singles final but Sue Hall found herself in a position to win here 1st V&D title. The Final game saw Sue playing Alice from Richmond LBC.

The game went back and forth with some great shot making. Sue continued to roll her first bowl close after throwing the jack to apply pressure that had Alice chasing and was out to 11-7 lead. The game went back and forth as they both started for find a rhythm until tSueHall3he score was 18-18. Sue would score two in the second last end to put here 20-18 needing one shot for the title. Controlling her nerves she played some great bowls to finally score that final point and take home the Championship.

The West Van LBC would like to congratulate all the Bowlers who participated in the V&D Sophomore Singles as the Club was well represented by: Mary Matzhold, Mary Kempton, Heather Kent and Sue Hall. You all did us proud!


One thought on “Sue Hall Wins Sophomore Singles

  1. Mary Matzhold on said:

    I would like to congratulate to You Sue for winning over Alice.
    I’m specially happy, because I played with Alice on my second day game, and she won. I won the first day 10 point on
    21 point end……. Second day I played 15point game with Alice.
    Alice brought her trainer, made me so nerves……. I’m very
    happy for You Sue..Good luck in the future bowling. Mary M.

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