A conversation between Wallace and Taka Crowston and Sue Hall, just about a year ago, culminated in a fabulous week for nine of our West Vancouver bowlers.  Sun City West LBC, near Phoenix, Arizona, (http://scwlawnbowls.com) kindly agreed to have us bowl at their beautiful club, with its four immaculate greens.  Lynn Coules found a ridiculously good flight and hotel deal on Hotwire and off we went; Lynn, Moraig Biagi, Joan Leslie, Keith Goddard, Jane Johnson, Joan Fraser, Susan Lewis, Pat Kotush and myself.  This club is well known for being one of the best, and hosts national events, and Tim Mason has been to a National Team camp there.

It was warm, very warm, so we had to bowl at 8am before it was just too hot. The members of SCW made us so welcome, making sure we had water and sun screen, and put on a Canada vs. USA match on the last day, which of course we lost, being good mannered Canadians.  Wally and Taka recommended a visit to the Museum of Musical Instruments, (http://www.mim.org) and gave us a list of great restaurants, including a country and western one where we managed to try line dancing.

There was shopping for some, time for the pool and sunbathing, and for five of us a visit to Sedona.  This was a two hour drive, and although I was driving the van, Joan Leslie’s excellent navigation meant we didn’t have to make as many U-turns as usual.  On the way we visited an ancient twenty storey village built into a rock face. When we got to Sedona, we had 30 minutes to eat lunch, before our Jeep tour left.  We had managed to get the last four spaces, naturally on the bumpiest tour, with a great guide who told us all about the geology, history, flora, and films that had been shot there.  It was magical.  Coming home we caught the sunset reflecting on the red rocks, more magic.

So a huge thank you to Wally and Taka, for all the arranging and the lovely lunch they hosted at their home.  Thank you to Wayne Baines, President of Sun City West LBC and all the bowlers who gave us such a memorable holiday, and made us so determined to go there again !  We hope that you can come and join us in West Vancouver one day next year.  Thank you to all my travelling companions, for the fun and laughter.  Everything was perfect; Vancouver even managed to let us down gently, as we flew home into a stunningly sunny fall day.

This time next year SCWLBC is hosting the US Open – Men’s Singles, Pairs and Fours, Women’s Singles, Pairs and Fours; something to practise for! If you are interested I have all the contact information.

Submitted by Sue Hall


Wally and Taka Crowston hosted a lunch for us in their lovely home!


Sun City West and West Vancouver lawn bowling clubs in the USA versus Canada game.


We had excursions to the Musical Instrument Museum (John Lennon’s piano) and the ancient 20 storey town of Montezumo, which is built into the cliff face.


Wyatt took us on a back country Jeep tour of Sedona.  It was so interesting and a tad bumpy!

Dinner out.

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