As is our long-standing tradition, West Vancouver played North Vancouver July 7th at the North Vancouver club in the women’s Rosebowl and the men’s Leyland Cup.  The weather was great and so were the greens.  The men won with 5:3 and the women remembered their manners (not wanting to beat the hosts at home) and ended up 3:3 and one tie.

The new format ensured we all played 14 ends and enjoyed tea together.  Next, it will be our turn to host North Vancouver on September 8th.

Below are the results, along with a picture of this year’s Rose Bowl.  Well done to all the players and thank you to the supporters who turned out.  Here’s to both trophies being at West Vancouver in September!

Rose Bowl  Round One

West Van     3 Wins 3 Losses   1 Tie   79 points

North Van    3 Wins 3 losses   1 Tie    99 points

Leyland Cup Round One

West Van     5 Wins  2 Losses         110 points

North Van    2 Wins   5 Losses           71 points

Sue Hall

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