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Jim Duholke – apologies for leaving anyone out ! It takes a lot of people to make a tournament this size a success and thank you to everyone.  To Sue and Jennifer for set up Friday night. A thank you to Sharon, Susan, Jennifer, Di and Marion for yeoman’s (yeoperson’s?) work in the kitchen.
Mary and Iona did a great job for the club for working so hard to provide everyone with raffle tickets.
Stephen and Gordon worked hard to make sure everyone had beverages. To my head scorekeeper and assistant chef de mission Don Fraser.

Gary and Jack who came early to help set up even though they were not playing. To Jennifer for all the baking and for marrying me. To Howie for getting the greens ready in great shape. To Don Parker for reconfiguring the rinks on Friday.  To the many members who helped with the equipment/scoreboards etc including John, Howie and Don Parker.  Now if someone can show me how to change the paper towel in the bathroom we will be all set for next year.

Final Results
1st Kin on Lau
2nd Lambert
3rd Green
4th Harvey, Fladl and Lampman
5th Whitham
6th Copping, Parker and Jeon

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