July 12th to 14th saw the playing of the BC Provincial Men’s and Women’s Championship in New Westminster.  On the men’s side, our own Tim Mason went undefeated to win gold.

Congratulations also go to Jim Duholke who came in fourth, and the good news is that BC can send four women and four men to the National Singles, so both Tim and Jim will be off to Kitchener at the end of August.

I was lucky enough to mark on Friday and Saturday.  I strongly recommend that if you want to get better at your bowling, you take a marker’s course and then go and do it.  You get the best seat in the house, you can see what good players are trying to do, and very often they do it!   You can say to yourself I would have gone the other hand, or why didn’t he drive, but most of the time it’s “My goodness how on earth did she do that?” when there’s barely space for one bowl in between the jack and the opponent’s bowl, yet somehow it sneaked in!   It’s also comforting to hear good bowlers say “I just couldn’t find the green…”; it happens to everyone.  Having said that, the bowling this weekend was outstanding,  and here’s to more outstanding bowling when our eight provincial representatives play like that at the Nationals.

Good luck to all! Sue Hall

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