Valentine's Flyer 2016It is almost that time again, our New Year is here, and your Social Committee has been busy planning the Valentine’s Day Brunch !

The sign up sheet is up at the club, and Mary Kempton will be selling tickets.  If you can’t get to the club to sign up, just email Shirley (   This year we are setting a limit at 60 people because  we are catering this event ourselves.

Those of you who came last year will remember we made sure there was plenty to eat, and we will continue the tradition this year !

 As you know we intend to fundraise for items
on our Wish List, the new umbrellas are paid for, now we are looking at new deck chairs, and for that reason there will be a spectacular Raffle after the Brunch.  So please sign up asap and pay by Feb 7 !

You can come to the Brunch and bowl afterwards, (there may be a twist to the normal bowling game) or just come for the Brunch.

Will be lots of fun as usual, and we look forward to seeing you there!



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