WVLBC is in the FINAL of the Top Ten!  I’ve been a member for six years, and I can’t remember that happening before.

The Top Ten tournament is played between all the V&D Clubs, some of which enter two teams.  Each club selects a singles player, a mixed pairs team, a triples team and a fours team to compete in a knockout tournament.  We have been very lucky to have played at home all three games, besting Stanley Park, North Vancouver and then Maple Ridge in the semi-final last Friday.  We meet Richmond in the final, which is booked for Friday, September 6th and will be played on neutral turf (probably Granville Park) but we will let you know nearer the time.

So well done to Jim Duholke, Tim Mason, Sue Hall, Graham Thomas, Janice Mackay-Smith, Werner Fladl, Howie Chapman, Pat Chapman, Brian Jeon, Olivia Jeon, Grethe Jenson and Jack Wright for getting us there!  I know that’s more than 10, but Brian and Olivia were away for the last game, so Howie and Grethe stepped in.

In other news:

Bronze Medallion – Saturday, August 3rd: A gorgeous day, and a full house, with 32 teams competing for a very significant amount of prize money. We had a good turnout from our members, Werner Fladl, Dorothy Higa, Stuart McDougal, Monica Thoreson, John Copping, Sue Hall and Jim Duholke.  We played four 10 end games, and the Stanley Park team of Cheryl Young and Neil Young won all four of their games, placing first.  Jim partnered with Priscilla Westlake and took third place.  Always the thank yous go to the convenor Myrle Lawrence, to the set up crew, David and Coca Charbonneau, Stuart McDougal, Jim Duholke and Jack Wright, and to Pat Chapman, assisted by Deb Buhr, who as always made sure the snacks lived up to our very favourable reputation.

Sue Hall

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