Congratulations to all the Winners of the 2016 Outdoor Season. WVLBC Awards Day was another success and we would like to thank everyone involved who made is such a special day


Women’s Singles— Lynn Coules; 2nd, Janice MacKay Smith

Men’s Singles–Jim Duholke; 2nd, Brian Jeon

Ladies Bowler of the Year– a 3 way tie–Pat Chapman, Olivia Jeon, and Pat Semeniuk

Men’s Bowler of the Year— John Copping

Novice Men’s Bowler of the Year— Gordon Maynard

Men’s Singles over 70–Tony Boyd; 2nd Joe de Bruin

Ladies Pairs–Pat Chapman with Olivia Jeon; 2nd Myrle Lawrence with Pat Semeniuk

Men’s Pairs–John Copping with Brian Jeon; 2nd Don Parker with Gordon Maynard

Novice Pairs–Dan Jenni with Norm Schenk;

Mixed Pairs–John Copping with Mary Matzhold; 2nd Pat Chapman with Graham Thomas

Ladies Triples— Grethe Jensen, Florence Chang, Pat Semeniuk;

Men’s Triples–Joe de Bruin, Don Parker, Gordon Maynard; 2nd John Copping, Brian Jeon, Bob Clark

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