Dear Members

This is going to be a mammoth thank you list – what a fantastic finish to a fantastic week !  The Ladies’ Final and the Mens’ Finals were nail-biting exhibitions of incredible bowling.  All week we were treated to the presence of the best of the best and witnessed shots we could not even imagine possible.  So the first thank you is to all the wonderful athletes who took a week of their time to travel to our club, you were the best guests!  Congratulations to all the medalists: Ladies Gold – Mary White, Silver – Jordan Kos, Bronze – Joanna Cooper:  Mens Gold – Pat Bird, Silver -John Bjornson, Bronze – Greg Wilson.  Incredible – and Good Luck to Mary and Pat in Australia next year !

As we prepared for the week thanks go to our bakers Jennifer Duholke and Pat Semeniuk; to Sharon Lampman for the fun-filled Costco run; to Byron Woodliffe and Howie Chapman for schlepping the Costco goods; to George Cubiss for the great Marker Course and to Jim Duholke for the quick Marker refresher on the Sunday before the Championship; to Roberta Stitt, Cathy Brisebois et al for the gorgeous gardens, to John Copping for the new baseboards on the green and making all the machinery function, to Don Fraser for the donated freezer which made the catering totally bearable, to Tim Mason for planning pretty much everything else, the program content, lanyards and badges, the streaming and convening.

These events provide new friendships and sponsorships – thank you to Marina for printing the programs and badges, to Christina from Amica for the delicious reception fayre, to Brian of CobsBread for going in early to bake our fresh scones and apricot loaves every day, thank you to Masoud and Nico for bringing the Fresh St Market tents, and to Sue Bewley of Fresh St Market for our amazing catered lunches, and of course to the Lions for the wonderful BBQ on our finals day.

Roberta Stitt had the tricky job of rounding up markers, which she carried out superbly, and to her team of markers – from my one experience, I discovered marking is pretty scary – trying to keep your eyes on a bowl that is just about to wreak havoc in the head and see if it actually touches the jack on its way, while it sends other bowls in every direction – well done to all of you!

To Lynn Coules and Tim for airport collections, to Gordon Maynard, Jack Wright for the bar, to the ticket sellers:  Janice Mackay-Smith, Don Fraser, Christine McNish, Maureen Seddon and Mary Matzhold.  To all the kitchen helpers who cheerfully helped in the shopping, preparing, baking, serving and clearing up of food that was enjoyed by everyone – you were an awesome team –  especially Jennifer Duholke, Susan Lewis, Di Boyd, Flo Chan our erudite washer upper and late night clear up Pat Chapman.  Thank you to Stevie Santana for scoreboard updates and to all the players who jumped in to commentate on the streaming.

To Howie Chapman, Roberto Pinate, John Copping and the greens crew, Don Parker, Stuart MacDougal, Derek Seddon, for the immaculate greens and set up; to John Lucas, the ultimate path sweeper and garbage overseer.  We would all like to thank Madison and Hudson, our youngest most well behaved spectators for bringing extra fun into the club and for being so good all week.  We hope to see you on the greens one day !

Thank you to all our spectators and supporters  – and to all those brave souls around the country who say yes to hosting our Championships.  It is such a thrill to have a National Team and to have all the events that make it possible, from club events, to our Vancouver and District events which are often a bowler’s first taste of bowling out, to Provincial events, to National events and to the thousands of hours spent by all those who organize all of the above.  Thank you !

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