WestVanTeaSaturday April 2 was our (one day late) ‘Fooled Ya’ Pub Night. To all those who came a huge thank you – we wanted to have a casual evening with good food and lots of laughter, and I think we achieved that. To add to the fun two of our members were celebrating their birthdays, Derek Seddon, was celebrating his 85th birthday and Tony Boyd a mere 84 years old! Thank you to Maureen Seddon for supplying the delicious carrot cake birthday cake which we all enjoyed. Birthday or not, Derek is always hilarious on the panel for Call my Bluff and his team won resoundingly. In the individual Would I Lie to You game, Pat Chapman and David Robinson turned out to be the best at fooling us all.

Since Christmas you all know that we have had a fundraising element to our social functions in order to provide the extras on our Wish List that make our club even more inviting and comfortable. You have funded new umbrellas and now we have new deck chairs. It was fun seeing some of our members trying them out and giving them a huge thumbs up!

So lots of thanks to Shirley Fraser, Sue Hall and Sharon Lampman for the catering.. to Jan Currie for her help with tickets, to Lynn Coules taking the entrance dues… to our illustrious panels, David Robinson, John Copping (if only that dream about the monkey in silver shorts eating grapes were true) and Derek Seddon (whose slip of the tongue turned ‘tentacles’ into a whole new realm), to Pat Chapman (for her very colourful childhood stories) to Joan Fraser and to Neville Cohen… all great sports. Thank you to Stephen Lampman for his never ending bar and house duties, and who, bright and early the next day was cleaning our windows, ready for a wonderful outdoor season!

Can’t wait to be bowling outside…!

See you all at the SAGM next Saturday, April 9, 1pm for 1.30pm.

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