Olivia,Joe,Brian_IndoorIt was a great first half of the season at the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club – as West Van LBC members, Olive and Brian Jeon along with Joe De Bruin won the Inter-Club Mixed Triples League. This is the first season that Olivia and Brian have played at the PIBC and are really enjoying their time on the carpet. Joe a veteran to the Indoor surface has helped guide the two new Bowlers along who have used their new skills to show that making the adjustment to the quicker greens can be made. Congratulations from all the members on your Mixed Triples Win!

The PIBC offers a wide variety of leagues throughout the season. Leagues range from social, recreational play to intense, high-level professional play. All leagues are based on an 11 week, 11 game session. Prizes, which vary, are awarded to teams that finish in high rankings at the end of the session.

To learn more about the PIBC you can have a look at the Website: http://www.pacificindoor.ca/



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