July 15-19, 2019 West Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club hosted the Women’s BC Week. Our president and convenor Myrle Lawrence knew what she was doing, having been the co-convenor for umpteen years, and was ably assisted by Pat Semeniuk and Don Fraser for this year.

Thanks to Pat Chapman, who can make fruit platters in her sleep, the catering went smoothly.  In fact everything was perfect except for the rained-out triples day on Wednesday.  The greens sped up considerably thanks to the wind and the sunshine, and of course the hard work of Howie Chapman and his team.

BC Week is always a great opportunity for experienced members to team up with new members, the incentive being that they automatically bring points with them.  Congratulations to Dave Charbonneau (1st year), Bodie Samodien and Jack Wright who won third place in B Division Triples;  Brian Jeon and Howie Chapman who came fifth in the Aussie Pairs;  Jack Wright and Stuart McDougall who won the Pairs B Division; Olivia Jeon and her team who earned third place in the B Division Fours.



On the Thursday we had a surprise visitor – a previous member, Charlie Burns, popped in to see what was going on.  He said I think there’s a photo of me in here somewhere.  The photo was of him and his namesake, another Charlie Burns.  In the last 20 years he’d hardly changed at all so it was easy to find the photo, and we celebrated his visit with another photo of him, along with Myrle Lawrence and Dave Arnott (President of the V&D Association).

Next weekend, Friday-Sunday July 26-28, is a wonderful opportunity to see some great bowling, as the Provincial Men’s and Women’s Pairs are being held at North Vancouver. I know that there are members from our club entered, among them Jim Duholke, Stuart McDougall and Jack Wright.

Sue Hall

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