Another season of outdoor bowling came to a close, and we celebrated the winners with a year-end awards luncheon.  It’s always a bit sad to have to give up the outdoor greens, but indoor bowls awaits!

Left to right:

  1.  BMO prize donor Rep Russ Johnston and Janice Mackay-Smith
  2.  Russ Johnston and Brian Jeon
  3.  Russ Johnston and Graham Thomas
  4.  Russ Johnston and Olivia Jeon





  1.  Gordon Maynard, Myrle Lawrence, Russ Johnston
  2. Stuart McDougall, Myrle Lawrence, Russ Johnston








Grethe Jensen, Russ Johnston, Olivia Jeon and Mary Matzhold





Jay Rowland, Jeanette Keller, Rose Rowland, John Schleimer, Russ Johnston, Homa Boustani







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