So our outdoor bowling for 2018 is over but beautiful sunny days on the greens will be welcome once again next year!

This weekend was a great finish to the season.  The V&D Awards Day was held in New Westminster, and while the North Shore had a monsoon, New Westminster was bathed in sunshine.  Jim Duholke, Sue Hall and Monica Thoresen had prizes to receive (2nd in Senior Mixed Pairs, and 1st in Women’s Novices respectively) and were delighted to be able to bowl three 12 end games with Pat and Howie Chapman, Tim Mason, Radka Barova and Jack Wright.

On Sunday, Taka and Wally Crowston with their team of helpers put on an End of Season lunch, and John Clark, our corporate sponsor for the Club Championships, not only gave out the prizes but tried his hand at bowling.

Congratulations to everyone who bowled this year, learned how to bowl this year, did well bowling this year,
volunteered on the greens, in the gardens, with rentals, with administration, maintenance and/or helped with events and catering.

The good news is that work (coring) started Monday on the greens in readiness for another great outdoor season in 2019.  Thank you to the many volunteers who turned up.

There is now indoor short mat bowling at WVLBC, and for those who wish to travel over a bridge, the full size Pacific Indoor Bowling Club is also open:  If anyone wants to see what it’s like, just contact me, Sue Hall.

Women’s Singles – Grethe Jensen
Men’s Singles – Brian Jeon (Tony was 2nd)
Women’s Pairs – Myrle Lawrence and Pat Semeniuk
Men’s Pairs – Gordon Maynard and Gary Brisebois
Women’s Triples – Grethe Jensen, Olivia Jeon, Monica Thoresen
Men’s Triples – Jack Wright, Stuart McDougall, Keith Goddard
Mixed Pairs – Gordon Maynard, Olivia Jeon
Mixed Triples – Myrle Lawrence, Howie Chapman, Olivia Jeon
Bowler of the Year Women – tied Grethe Jensen, Olivia Jeon
Bowler of the Year Men – Gordon Maynard
Bowler of the Year Novice women – Monica Thoresen
Bowler of the Year Novice men – Graham Ford

Sue Hall





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